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Layflat tubing (also known as film on the roll or poly-tubing) is a flexible, economical and versatile form of packaging. It's particularly useful when packing products of the same width but varying in height and its ideal for packaging long items. Poly-tubing normally comes rolled up to 12" in diameter on a 3" wide plastic or cardboard core. To wrap an item just insert it into the plastic tubing, cut to the desired length and seal it using a heat sealer; alternatively you could staple or tape at both ends.

Manufacturers and suppliers of layflat tubing include:

Eco friendly packaging

Did you know that although Polythene (used for layflat-tubing and plastic sheeting) is often considered harmful to the environment, polythene is actually a very efficient form of packaging with an exceptionally low carbon footprint and the ability to be 100% recycled!

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layflat tubing

Alternative packaging

There are many types of packaging all for specific uses. To obtain information about other types of polythene bags or polythene film, visit:

Research and resources

For more detailed information on layflat tubing and including how they are manufactured and the options available for poly-tubing and sheeting as well as where to buy please see:

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Heat sealers

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To seal your layflat product in tubing or make your own small batch bags you will need an impulse heat sealer. Impulse heat sealers are designed to be operated by hand but in some cases they are partially automated. Heat sealers range in price, with simple desktop versions being very affordable.

Manufacturers and suppliers of heat sealers include:


German head for newly established plastic films body

European Plastic Films (EuPF), an association of national plastic films associations, film extruders, machinery and material suppliers, has been established with Bj�rn Hoem of CEDO Folien in Germany as its first president.

It has set up three product-specific working groups for agricultural film, bags and sacks, and industrial and construction films. David Tyson of the Packaging and Industrial Films Association is the UK board member.

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